#ArtLiftingLockdown Assessors

A huge thank you to all of the assessors of the #ArtLiftingLockdown project. find out more about them below and visit their websites

“Working closely with Rethinkyourmind Emma’s passion for wellbeing and Mental Health has led to creating pieces for the Yellow Book project and video artwork led by the winning entries for the ‘I Feel Better When’ campaign. Latest projects include Remedies and Reason and Resilience exhibitions, commissioned by the University of Leicester, these artworks explore ‘Why Health Matters’ and ‘Where do you draw your strength from’, working with the Community Learning Project, the West Indian Senior Citizens, Leicester Ageing Together Project and Zfitness.”

Website – Emma Fay

“Gillian McFarland is a visual artist and registered art therapist, working with different processes and collaborators across disciplines. Her practice includes working with glass blower, Graeme Hawes, Textile artist Ruth Singer and interdisciplinary artists in the Netherlands, Daniela de Paulis and Collette Rayner. She exhibits internationally and is a member of the LSA, elected council member of the Scottish Society of Artists (SSA), Co/ director of City Glass Studios and the mental health charity Bright Sparks.”

Website – Gillian Adair Mcfarland



“My paintings are often described by others as romantic and melancholy. Flowers are the constant subject of my art, and above all, my passion lies in painting peonies the national flower of China reflecting my deep love and nostalgia for the country of my birth.

Among all the different styles of Chinese painting, I like gongbi the most its fine and elegant strokes are perfect for portraying the delicate beauty of flowers. However, the extreme delicacy and meticulousness required in the gongbi technique also makes itself a test of patience and spiritual equilibrium such qualities are now rare to see in fast-paced modern society. I take joy from this trial every time when I paint, and experience it as a self-meditation, as a quiet respite from a hectic modern life. The traditional Four Treasures of the Study used in Chinese painting brush, ink, paper and ink stone creates a tangible atmosphere of Chinese culture no matter where I am. I feel I am on a life long mission to introduce classical Chinese art and culture to the world.”

Website – Siyuan Ren


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