Flowers in bloom

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It comes in the dead of night
When the slate of day is wiped clear
It ticks, it tocks all through the night
And the voices are all I can hear

Each fresh day is spoiled in bloom
From the very stroke of the midnight hour
The air is dry, taken from the room
and from this depravity will come no flower

I often wonder how it feels
To live each day and start anew
Yet I exist in this reality, me,
a hollow ghost you look right through

I have walked this lonely road too long
that I know no other path to take
And I know my mind should say, “get better”
But I ask myself, when I lie awake:

Do I feel better when,
The bad thoughts circulate again?
Do I enjoy the misery,
That comes with the territory?

If I think that I deserve the pain
How can I stop it from preying again?
In the weakest of times
When these thoughts prey
It’s hard to see another way.

Believe one day, you’ll start anew
In life, you’ll see the value.
The flowers you thought had died will bloom.
Their presence will light up the room

And a petal may drop from time to time
But another isn’t far behind
And through the times of struggle and plight
Look toward the sun and shower in the light.

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