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Treading through the vibrant, green enchanted forest. Foliage tinged with first signs of red and orange of autumn.
Sun shines through the canopy, rays of light acting as warm spotlights in between the cooler shade.
Melodies of the forest magnified. Songs of birds, rustling and crunching of leaves in the wind and on the ground. Eclectic mix of creatures communicating with unique sounds.
Listening intently, trees heard interacting in quiet, resonant tones. Whispers of the wood elves, if you’re lucky.
Pause. Eyes close.
Eyes open. Blinded by glaring sun and dazzling blue sky. Scorched by immense heat of the sun. Blown away by chaotic desert wind. Towering dunes.
Sauntering through sand, footsteps muffled by its softness. Wind, sand and heat guarded against with face covering.
City in horizon. Magnificent temples and resplendent palace, dwarfing all other structures.
Mystical aquamarine lake nourishes the city. A majestic oasis. Peaceful yet mesmerising.
Lost in watching the lake glow and shimmer.
Attention resurfaces.
Suspended within the eternal darkness of the cosmos. Way illuminated by celestial objects.
Floating through a nebula, viewing in the distance other gas clouds. Birth of stars creating intense works of art.
Brilliant solar systems and glittering galaxies, clustered like neighbourhoods and cities. Rush hour of comets zoom around at tremendous speed. Stars in the distance aflame, giving life to surrounding planets.
Breathing deeply, captivated by the majesty of the universe.
Eyes close.
Eyes remain closed. Gentle lapping of waves. Soft sand cushioning underneath. Breathing slowly and deeply, meditating beside the calm sea.
Feeling a comforting breeze, the air cooler at sunset.
Eyes slowly open. Blazing, magical sunset. Sea greets the horizon, turning orange and pink, reflecting the sun’s descent.
Utterly at peace. Eyes close.
Eyes open again. Page full of prose. Pen placed down, fingers and hand overworked. So many fantastical worlds visited. So many universes created within the mind. So many stories to share with others.
Ready to explore a magnificent part of the real world. Perhaps a luscious, green forest. Or a calm, peaceful sea. Ready to find inspiration.
Then ready to create again.

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