We send deepest gratitude to the assessors. Find out more about them all here:
Professor Shearer West CBE, Lamar Francios, Dr. Ulrike Kuchner, Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett, Subin Jaji, Emma Fay, Gillian Adair McFarland, Siyuan Ren.

The Selected Entrants for #TheYellowBook

The selections were made from all the fantastic submissions into the #ArtLiftingLockdown & #SoundsInspired gallery. From these was borne the national publication of #TheYellowBook & the personalised wellbeing resource The University of Nottingham Physics & Astronomy Yellow Book. The #SoundsInspired single out now find out more & download a copy of the song released to support #TheAudioYellowBook. Thanks to all our Selected Entrants for sharing your amazing images to uplift & inspire!

Click the images below of scroll through & enjoy! 

Well done to all!

Vanessa Hunt
Lydia Johnston
Emily Sephton
Amy Bradbury
David Holloway
Sabina Howes
Steve Simmonds
Gilli Fawcett
Kamilla Kwiatkowska
Helen Washington
Lara Crowther
Kenneth Huggett
Will Johnston
Jeannie Atha
Paul Dexter
Bridget Stanger
Sue Bee
Ian Batters
Mair Eleri Davies
Sally Ann Dyer
Maggie Baird
Sarah Harvey
Fiona Mills
Paula Howells
Helen Leigh-Phippard
Teigh-Anne Shave
Lauren Foster
Thea Arnold
Spencer Langford
Samantha Jones
Henry Eccles
Isabelle Billings
Jamie Rootham
Jaida Salmon
Noah Carter
Erin Russell
Olivia Walker
Sophie Mehta
Fiona Pegden
Isla Grundy
Niamh Hodgson
Louis Considine
Larry Evans
Lola Ramsden
Alex Moujir
Sophie Flowitt
Charlie Blakemore
Mia Regoli
Sibin Mathew

Thank you to all involved!

We have been delighted to connect with so many organisations to co-create our ‘new look’ Yellow Book. Our thanks to those at the University of Nottingham, University of Melbourne Australia, Leicester College, Peterborough College, Desford Community Primary School who played their part.

“The University of Nottingham is delighted to support the Yellow Book as an important and engaging resource to support positive mental health for our staff and students. The quality of materials contained within the book is truly outstanding and will be of benefit to any reader.”

Professor Shearer West CBE, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Nottingham

“We hope that the images and associated wellbeing links will help other people to find their own inspiration and ways to maintain wellbeing. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has brought the Yellow Book to fruition as a way for us to share ideas for maintaining good mental health.”

Professor Mark Fromhold, Head of School, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham

“Amid the pandemic when our mental health has been pushed to its limits, the need for creativity has never been more apparent. The project has given our students a platform to express themselves through compelling visual art. It was an inspiration to see our young people immerse themselves in this project creating honest, thought evoking images.”

Natalie Ventrone, Work Placements Coordinator, Creative Arts and Media, Leicester College

“We were really excited to be asked to take part in the project. It came at a great time for us, when we finally had all our pupils back in school and when the well-being of everyone was very much at the forefront of our agenda. Once again the project inspired fantastic responses from our children and we feel very proud of the work they produced and the ideas they shared around well-being. Thank you for the fantastic opportunity.”

Becky Worley, PSHE Co-ordinator, Desford Community Primary School

We are delighted to announce the publication of
The Cygnet Health Care Yellow Book

A personalised book featuring inspiring creativity from across their many services, alongside the wellbeing material and signposting of The Yellow Book.

“The Yellow Book is an important step in both providing a platform and recognising the importance of service user led projects. This project represents that it is not only medication and psychological interventions that can support people, but through empowering people’s talents and abilities too.”

Raf Hamaizia, Expert By Experience Lead, Cygnet Health Care

“I am extremely proud to welcome this book which is bursting with messages of positivity, hope and recovery. Each unique page celebrates an individual journey and gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect. I am confident you will discover something new with every page you turn and I hope you feel inspired, as I do, by seeing the contributions from individuals across our services.”

Dr Tony Romero, CEO, Cygnet Health Care

“This is a unique collection of artworks from talented individuals across Cygnet services. It celebrates individuality, encourages expression and demonstrates how creativity can help to nurture self-confidence and wellbeing.”

Professor Lord Patel of Bradford, OBE

“It has been a pleasure to curate this selection of work and bring together our very own Cygnet Health Care Yellow Book. Every piece tells a story or has someone’s personal experience running through it. We hope you enjoy this book as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.”

Lucy Scarborough, Group Communications Manager & Laura Bates, Head of Marketing

Well done to all!

Congratulations to all involved Thank You for
Creatively Expressing Wellbeing

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