“The University of Nottingham is delighted to support the Yellow Book as an important and engaging resource to support positive mental health for our staff and students. The quality of materials contained within the book is truly outstanding and will be of benefit to any reader.

As an art historian, I am passionate about the power of art and music to promote mental wellbeing and to help us find solace, comfort or explanation in times of trouble. Research supports the use of the arts to alleviate specific symptoms, promote vitality and improve quality of life for everyone.

If any demonstration were needed, the past year has underscored the importance of a proactive approach to looking after our mental health as much as our physical wellbeing. I hope that the Yellow Book will provide readers at the University with inspiration, reflection and the means to support their own mental health and to have the confidence to speak openly about mental health issues.”

Professor Shearer West CBE, President and Vice-Chancellor,
University of Nottingham

“This first School of Physics and Astronomy Yellow Book resulted from partnership between the School, Rethink Your Mind, and the University’s HealthyU project.

It emerged from random events and conversations. By chance, I heard about an upcoming performance by musician, Lucy Ward, who subsequently worked with us in our Year 3 Communications Skills workshops. Through Lucy, I met Pete Hirst who devised the Yellow Book concept whilst recovering from mental ill-health he experienced at University.

The book includes images by students and staff in the School, and from people in the wider community, capturing things that inspire them. In turn, we hope that the images and associated wellbeing links will help other people to find their own inspiration and ways to maintain wellbeing.

In future years, we will ask Communication Skills students to help further develop the book, promoting their own positive mental health, and that of other year groups, end embedding wellbeing in the curriculum.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has brought the Yellow Book to fruition as a way for us to share ideas for maintaining good mental health.”

Professor Mark Fromhold, Head of School,
School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham

The Selected Artwork & Photography – well done to all!
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Selected Cover Art – The Audio Yellow Book


Congratulations to David Holloway whose image was selected to become the cover art for The University of Nottingham Physics & Astronomy Audio Yellow Book. A free copy of the wellbeing resource is being made available for all students and staff at the University of Nottingham.

The UoN Physics & Astronomy Yellow Book Assessors

We send deepest gratitude to the art assessors who selected the images that feature in the wellbeing resource. Find out more about them all here:

Professor Shearer West CBE, Lamar Francios, Dr. Ulrike Kuchner, Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett, Subin Jaji.

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