When Gratitude crept in to my heart…..

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I knew every moment was precious and that this time would never come my way again.
I appreciated the ordinary-soap suds in the sink, a spider’s web in the corner of the windowpane, the sound of rain falling, weeds in my plant pots.
I realised that life and love could not be taken for granted.
I felt that storms in my life could not blow me off course, I could stand firm.
I breathed deeply, thankful for the air and my own heartbeat.
I paid more attention to my life and its many blessings.
I learned to be passionate and fearless, knowing that time was a gift I could not waste.
I accepted that the good and the bad times were all lessons- I wanted to work at being a better student.
I unwittingly opened a door for more miracles and grace to enter my life.
I replaced fear, pain and anxiety with hope, power and healing.
I looked for all the ways I could express more gratitude-a thank you note, an encouraging word.
I became humble in the face of all the beauty in the world.
I grew confident in life itself.
I found a new way of being.

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