This Makes My Heart Sing

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The first sunny celandine of Spring
Horses as they gallop over fields down the lane
Insects busy buzzing on the flowering currant
Saturday supper, fish chips and mushy peas

Making art, and art for art’s sake
A golden dawn peeping round the kitchen blind
Keyboards and guitars and drum-kits and saxophones
Each and every time you hold me close
Silly pups as they frolic and lick my face

Mountain summits with a view of the ocean
Yellow and purple crocus by the garden path

Hearing a song that makes me dance and sing along
Every bus journey on a bright blue morning
Asking for help, and then receiving it
Random acts of kindness from a total stranger
Terns in murmuration over Thornton Reservoir

Smell of the freshly baked bread you have made
Imagining worlds in far off galaxies
Night time walks under clear, starry skies
Gifts that arrive in many different guises

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