Miracle Mum

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Mother’s—what a miracle.
We begin as infants
and are moulded into mash potatoes
and fried sausages. Morphed children in
a cooking pot of love, and joy.
They infuse an umbilical
nature with careful thought,
as we watch pointless TV shows
together. They all are
gameshow hosts in our

They ask questions— the tough ones.
The ones we cannot answer at first.
Our mother’s are upside down. We marinade in the mellay
of modernity. And when we
are adults, we see that the
world has changed. For
we notice the outside ouvre for what
it is. A hotchpotch of chaos.

But they strive to make their kids learn to get along. To become new dawns in this mighty creation. Our goal is to
make a difference. We owe our
thanks, to the miracle of mum’s.

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