Journey of motherhood

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I whispered words of thanks to you when it was time to go. I cradled my palms around you and felt the love we have grown.
The walk from bed to theatre was long and anxious still, the memories of how we worked together to climb that steepest hill. So the time has come to say goodbye… to stay would be a threat… but just one thing I want to do, is thank you that we met. I thank you for the joy you bring in every rising day… the laughter within the walls of home outweighs the price I pay. I look around and see 5 angels… standing next to me, without you they would not exist and for that you have made me, ME. A safe place to 5, mother and friend, a confident with strength, to carry when needed, to smooth out every dent.
so here we are.. it’s time to go… I am grateful beyond compare… I now look straight ahead once more and embrace the future from this chair. The outlook looks warm and inviting still, it’s every mothers wish… to watch their children strive and grow, to laugh, to love, accomplish.

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