too heavy to lift

too heavy to shift

silently sulky

it stares at me

that big brown cardboard bulging box

looming overlarge

lurking in the corner

shoved under the table

sucking my energy into its vortex

sides sagging


far too full

for far too long

always present

its shadow self

harnessed to my back

dragging me down


too heavy to lift

too heavy to shift

a toe-stubbing obstacle

archive of forgotten obligations

broken promises

scattered dreams

paper layers describing life’s twists and turns painfully itemising faded hopes


too heavy to lift

too heavy to shift

until now

because today

I cleared it

black bin bag in hand

I rooted it out from under the table


crushed and stuffed its history into oblivion swiftly cutting fast that box now lifted that box now shifted shoulders are looser eyes are brighter I sway and dance around my room as music flows through my life again

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