Where Ever Your Life Takes You

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Where Ever Your Life Takes You

Whatever path you take in LiFe, Where Ever you have been,
Whatever you have done, May you Know, that it was you that was here;
That Lived those days,
That cried those tears,
That, in your own way, you did what you had to,
To LiVe, To Dream,
To Survive and Fulfil your Needs,
Your Goals, Your Wishes.

May you look back and Live with Empathy and also Understanding,
Towards yourself and hopefully others,
That the time you have spent here had meaning, at least to you,
That the days that have passed were sometimes good,
And somehow sometimes made up for all the bad,
That in the end, you know who you were, at least within Heart and yourself,
And that the choices you made, were made because of where you were then,
And because of who you were becoming.

So, Where Ever your LiFe takes you,
Where ever you path does lead;
Let it be you,
Let it be you who really decides which cross-roads to turn,
And if you have no choice,
At least then, Let it be you who lives within your Heart,
Smiles those smiles, cry’s those tears,
And then, at least;

Within Your Own Mind;

Knows you You Are.

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