The Light

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I feel better when I am

By Chelsea foster


Imagine a flower, fearful of the night

Covering up its beauty due to absence of a light

Much like a flower, we tend to hide away

To long to feel better is where we’d hope to stay

And though a flower lacks a heart, our similarities still remain

Though our strongest difference remains in these feelings we can change.

I feel better when I am sleeping, or should I say within my dreams

The place where I go, because nothing is as it seems

I feel better when I am drawing

Like a constant creation of ideas

Such a comfort through expression

That I hope to last for years

There’s many ways and many paths

That one can wish to take

To create a shine within your smile

And feelings afar from fake

I feel better when I see his face,

A friend could not compare

To the emotions that overflow my mind

When I know that someone cares

I feel better when it’s raining

The outside path is lit with light

A place to perfect for one dance,

It would have to last all night

I feel better when I’m on the beach

Or anywhere that’s far away

To take a trip to somewhere new

Is where I’d wish to stay

But not long till I’ve had my joy

From wherever I may Rome

I’ll pack my bags and head on back,

I feel better when I’m at home,

I feel better when I find that glow,

The one that’s all around

The glow that shines with in his eyes,

As the rain crashes to the ground

The shine within that brand new paint

As though unleashed from a darkened dome

That gleam from being somewhere far

Or somewhere close to home

Hidden within the glistening night

Or at the end of that dark tunnel

Even beneath the darkest streams

Or flowing along the runnel

I’ve seen this glow in many places

So I’m certain it can be found

Though it’s hard to grasp its glow

I promise it’s all around

And though it can be hard to find

And darkness hard to fight

Just like the little flower

I feel better when I aim to find the light.


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