Prison Sell

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This is about my journey through Bipolar illness and going from Caterpiller to butterfly

from ill health to well-being

Prison Sell

I feel better when I am living mindfully and living my life from a place of love as opposed to a place of fear

As I delve to see within your soul

The image of a butterflies wings unfold

A lifetime struggling just to get by

But now it’s time to learn to fly

As you flutterby there’s a gentle knowing

Wherever you go, loves always flowing

And as you release the confines of your outermost shell

Look to where you Stumbled not where you fell

As you Emerge , you may lose Vision and your spirit lack Insight

At times Crippled by Emotion at times tortured by fright

That’s Why your Self Imposed Prison Mimmicks my Hell

Look to where you Stumbled not where you Fell

I am Hankering for altitude, Yet my aptitude is low

Now my attitude Screams at me

‘As above, So below’

As a silent voice whispers “am I starting to Grow”

Freedom is an attribute of a peaceful, open Mind

And as a parachute only functions when open

So does the


That Shadow within your deepest self

Now nurtured, tamed and gaining health

Do you have a Soul to Sell

Look to where you stumbled, not where you fell

That Prison Sell it’s all in your Mind

There are no Locks, Walls or Guards you’ll Find

As I look out of these Illunsionary bars

Some nights I see the dirt , and some nights the stars

Now it’s time to abandon your self imposed State

Focus only on what you Love and let go of what you hate

And as you break free from this Fragile Hell

Remember , look to where you stumbled not where you fell

By Gary Molloy

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