Knocking out negatives

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Knocking out negatives

I am flipping the coin at poison parrots urging me to join

A journey of steep descent into a hostile abyss

The starting point is in my head, colluding with such promises

To keep me safe, to keep me sound, to keep my little light bright

Convincing as they seem right now, I push them out of sight

I flip the coin into their faces

Squawking insults, love erases

Compassion is my key, administrating TLC

Yes, taking loving care of me

Knocking out negatives

I am trusting there’s a way through this

I am thinking outside of the box

Yes, finding diamonds in the rocks

My feeling thoughts I now refine, to manifest my own design

Creativity, our universal key

Knocking out negatives

I flip the coin for me

I colour, I sing, I write

I begin

Knocking out negatives

I choose to be happy now



©2015 Nicola Gladwin (aka Nicci Gladwin)

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