It’s lovely

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We all live on a beautiful tropical island
a place where the homeless are given homes
where there is an abundance of food to eat
where there are hospitals full of doctors and nurses that want to make us well
where there are police to keep us safe
where there are charities doing everything they can
where there is recycling
where there are staff in shops who offer you an extra bag, without you asking, and then they put your stuff in the bag for you, and it wasn’t even anything you bought in their shop
where there are people that say hello
where there are people on canals that wave
where bikes ring bells to let you know they are there
where cars stop to let you go
where were allowed outside
where there are parks and flowers and squirrels and trees
where there are buses and trains
where there are people like Neil from finding mike
where there are festivals
where there is cutlery and crockery going spare
where there are people lots of different people who are all the same, brilliant, but none of them same
where there are vans that sell ice cream
where your not obliged to talk
where you can talk as much as you like
where you have a right to work
where there are bins to put your rubbish
where things can be delivered to your door
where you can be yourself
where we are free
where there’s no such thing as normal
where there’s no such thing as sane
where there’s always something or someone that makes you think life is really great
where there’s a healthy obsession with tea
where there’s muggles and wizards
where it sort of all works really in a funny kind of way
and then when it doesn’t something will happen
or someone will come along to make it better
just because they can or because they had an idea
it is lovely.  Our beautiful tropical island.
Even when it rains.

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