Growing Beneath that Black and White Flag

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Pumping veins and screaming fans

Every soul unified by melodies

As we wear every lyric like a tattoo

Grinning as this is why I pulled through


The band, their sound, their love

Became our connection, from down under to up above

As we lived our teenage dream

But days apart singing to our theme


Who would’ve thought that ten years on

We would still talk until one reaches dawn

That our love for the skull and crossbones

Would tie together forever our two time zones


Because I’m happiest when I speak to you

The laughter when you sent me that kangaroo

Knowing that we’re sharing the same smile

To see you again I would run every mile


Joy is the knowledge that soon we’ll get

To share the same sunset

The same air, the same stars

Just like in the beginning with the sound of those guitars


Words can never be enough to express

How much I adore your heart, the talent you possess

Thank you for being online that day

Now let’s watch those dolphins as we sail away

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