Celestial Phases.

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She creates the perfect shadows,
silhouettes of you & me.
With her galaxies unfolding
she gives me company.
I watch her rise
from dusk till dawn,
my heart entwined with her child’s faun.
She keeps me safe
from the human race
& when her love has found his grace,
he sits upon her cherished place.
He ignites her love
for a moment in time.
I watch him rise,
destined to shine.
From dawn till dusk
he spreads his lust to all of mankind.
He pours his love upon the earth
& soaks up the pain from the ones who hurt.
He helps me find peace under his sunset skies,
and gives me hope when it is disguised.
He shines his light on my darkest days,
& I find clarity within his sunlight gaze.
Peace on earth,
& long lost hours
keep my bones strong, like towers.
With Mother Nature by my side,
life becomes precious, calm, like sleeping tides.
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