A Weight off my heart

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A poem about learning to live from the heart and listening to our intuition more

Developing well being through the Heart.

A weight off my heart
The heart Carries our Pain
A lifetime struggling to remain Sane
Yet the Sanity we seek is Hidden in our
Ability to be unique

What’s so wrong with being you
Yes it’s only achieved by the very few
A heart longing to be you
Still tortured by wearing a mask masquerading as you

The heart doesn’t need approval
But we are always seeking Praise
Lost within a maze
Till the end of our days
The heart needs love, but more than that
It needs to give love

Weighed down with the wisdom
That enough is enough
The heart has no enemies
It can never feel alone
As within it’s chambers

It’s already known
What we reep we have already sown

The heart has no concept of fear
It’s forever bathed in love
Serene, at ease
And as peaceful as a dove

The heart has no image of time
Although our eyes, tick tock, tick tock
On the clock

The heart cannot hold a grudge
But , oh how we struggle with forgiveness
As the hate adds to the weight
Of the heart

It is said the colour of the heart is Red
But I think it’s Blue
Lost in the confusion , weighed down with the task
Of you being you

Some say the heart is Green
Tortured by the Envy
Of an unanswered

Others say it is White
Innocent, pure
Connected to the Soul
At our innermost Core

Skeptics say the heart doesn’t even Exist
But my belief cemented
The first time we

The truth is the heart is Pink
Unconditional love
The missing Link

They say if the heart could Speak, it would speak as a prophet
And would be as wise as an Owl
Courage of a Lion
And love as it’s Growl

The heart has a memory
It’s as bright as a Star
The heart holds our loved ones
When they’re near or they’re far

The heart holds a Secret?
And it’s known by only a few
And it’s this…..
When you live from the heart <3
That’s when you are being the real you!

By Gary Molloy

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