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We were delighted to be joined in the studio by Raf Hamaizia, David Jackson and Harry Cottle of Cygnet.

David Jackson is an Expert by Experience at Cygnet and part of the Music 2 Empower initiative. He joined us at Deadline Studios to lend his fantastic voice to the ‘Notes of Thanks’ single.

Raf Hamaizia leads the inspiring Music 2 Empower project at Cygnet and we were delighted when they agreed to link up and be part of the song.

“With an established and growing body of evidence demonstrating its importance for people experiencing mental ill health, music therapy offers a major opportunity for individuals to put themselves at the heart of their recovery. I’ve seen first-hand how music can help achieve this, empowering people to address problems rooted in their past, opening up channels of communication and helping people to share their story and talk about their feelings and experiences.”

Music 2 Empower has been supporting people on mental health wards and in services since 2019.

We connected with Raf and the team at Cygnet many years ago now and ever since they have been working with us to create personalised Yellow Book wellbeing resources. They have been distributing thousands of books across their services nationwide for the last 3 years. We are excited that they will begin the 3rd Edition of The Cygnet Yellow Book this year to link in with the national project and its focus on Gratitude.

It has been a pleasure to work with them you can view their resources here.

L to R (Photo Raf Hamaizia)
Raf Hamaizia, Harry Cottle, Pete Hirst, David Jackson, Claire Evans, Doug Jenkinson


Filmed and Photographed by Doug Jenkinson of James Douglas Films at Deadline Studios Leicester

L to R
Raf Hamaizia, David Jackson, Harry Cottle

David Jackson

David Jackson – Expert By Experience – Music 2 Empower – Cygnet

Raf Hamaizia – Expert by Experience Lead – Cygnet

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