meet the national rethinkyourmind panel

Click the images to view the assessor panels of professional artists, photographers and poets for the UK national competition.

 Artwork Panel 

Poetry/Lyrics Panel




The rethinkyourmind panel for The UoL Yellow Book – University of Leicester
The assessors for the first University Yellow Book with the University of Leicester (UoL) 

UoL Visual Arts Panel 

Michaela Butter, Gillian McFarland, G Sian, Timilehin Songonuga

UoL Photography Panel

Bipin Anand, Dani Bower, Josie Par, Jeremy Webster

UoL Poetry Panel

Mellow Baku, Rob Gee, Jonathon Taylor, Lydia Towsey


The rethinkyourmind panel for The LPT Yellow Book – Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
The assessors for the first NHS Yellow Book for Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT)

LPT Art & Photography Panel 

Geoff Beasley, Trevor Bent, Lewis Buttery, Gillian McFarland, G Sian


LPT Poetry Panel

Charley Genever, Rob Gee, Maxine Linnell