Title: The 93rd Road

City of Residence:Didcot

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When things get really tough, and I feel like I’m overwhelmed by things, since I’ve spent a lot of time travelling the UK, a very safe place for me is in the car. Driving down country roads, and exploring new places surrounded by beautiful scenery, or just a pointless drive for however long. The feeling of driving has always been quite freeing for me - it’s a time to shut your mind off, turn the music on and sing my heart out to whatever genre takes my fancy in the moment. I’ve explored so many different roads, and being able to see just how big the UK is, and also the world, being able to just get in my car and get some headspace, it really helps me to see the bigger picture. It helps to get my thoughts together, to breathe and to remind myself that I’m safe, I’m worthy, and that the feelings that I’m feeling in that moment are valid. Life is a bit messy. It can be unforgiving, complicated and ugly...but reminding yourself of your worth, finding things that make you feel safe, and being able to disconnect from the stresses that you face, life truly is about balance. It’s all about learning. Adapting. Being gentle.