Title: Beam of love.

City of Residence:Boston, Lincolnshire

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I painted this from memory to illustrate an essence and moment in time. I am thankful that this man, Albert Shave, my Grandad, saw potential in me and taught me the basics of art, story telling, playfulness and how to beam love across a room. He died when I was only 18 but, even as I near 50, is in every brushstroke, every drop of ink and every biro that dances across my pages. The thing I am most thankful for is when I was young and I said, "Oh Grandad, I'll never be able to draw like you..." He looked me firmly in the eyes, and with the utmost conviction (and a little anger) said, "Don't EVER say that again. You will draw 100 times better than I ever could - trust me." - and I did. Thank you Grandad. x