You Are Loved

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The sky bares down like your teeth
It rains and pours like your tears
Lighting cracks and it thunders,
“You are loved.” So loud and so true.

A puddle collects, and with each
Singular salted drop it grows.
To streams, to rivers, to oceans.
And each passing wave crashes the words,
“You are loved” louder and truer.

A hand, no gentler than a whisper
Into the ear of a lover, wipes the rain away.
Oceans dry up at the touch of fingers to lips,
And puddles disappear with lips to ears.
The words “you are loved” so quiet,
And yet still so true escape into the clear sky.

The clouds depart effortlessly with the words.
Now so clear you know them to be true.
You are loved. The sun shines.
You are loved.

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