I feel better when

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There’s a lot on my mind right now I just can’t think,
It seems that every night I find myself with a drink,
You see, there’s a lot going on at home right now and I just don’t know,
How to deal with it and where to go.

I’m looking on the internet trying to see if its ordinary,
But there’s nobody like me and it makes me quite cautionary,
I’m alone in this game with no other players,
Don’t know where to begin there’s just so many layers.

I don’t know who can help me, I need to find,
Somebody who can demolish this wall I hide behind,
It seems as though for me there is no escape,
But there are things I find which keep my sanity in shape.

You see, I feel better when my problem is shared,
My mind is more free and I’m less impaired,
And I feel better when I take time to reflect,
On the problems I have and the solutions to perfect.

I feel better when you ask me to sing along,
as opposed to questioning me, asking what’s wrong,
Because I feel better forgetting the reasons I cry,
Beginning to explain something that I could never even try.

I feel better knowing that I am surrounded by support,
Especially when it’s not something I’ve actively sought,
It’s because I feel better knowing there are people who care,
Who recognise me as an individual and don’t compare.

I feel better knowing that there are others in my position,
There’s more being done to appreciate my condition,
And I feel better when there are more people who understand,
That I didn’t choose to be like this it was out of my hands.

I feel better to witness the change in people’s attitude,
And for that I give them my utmost gratitude,
They’ve made me love myself to every letter,
So they are the reason why I feel better.

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