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I feel better when

The goodness of people’s hearts are exposed

And their kindness shines through like the sun

And the hope people convey is good for everyone

And nature isn’t tampered with

And forests aren’t dug up, spoiling wildlife’s homes

I feel better when I see a happy child

And everyone runs a mile from cruelty

And we treat all animals with respect

And turn frowns into smiles… that could be you and me

I feel better when I see the stars in the sky are twinkling

And I see a beautiful rainbow

And all nations are united

Blue skies are all around, daisy chains linking

And no more wars, yet we’ve got a long way to go

Let’s cease the fighting

I feel better when I see there is hope for the homeless

And no-one’s living on the streets

And poor countries get help they need

And best of all there is no more disease

Last but not least…

I feel better when

I feel better

That’s why I’ve said it all

In this letter.


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I find where there is knowledge,

One goal, one vision – inside college.

If you can dream it

You can do it

Respect yourself

Live drug free

Hope is freedom

Cement yourself a future

You will soon see


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I feel better when

the world seems at peace

Imagine if all wars

came to cease

Wouldn’t it be better if

everybody got on

No matter our colour, religion

or where we are from

Life would be better

without hearts breaking

Love being honest

keeping vows we are making

I feel better when

I make someone smile

after all, kindness is free

so why not go the extra mile?

I Feel Better When I am

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As inevitably the morning alarm rings out, it shakes me from

darkness, senses shout,

I open my eyes and let the light filter in,

To my surprise, systems check, all good, despite late night sin,

I indulge myself a moment, lay, listen to birdsong,

Until finally the need to smell and taste coffee is too strong.

The aches and pains of prone to upright are sorted,

Soon transferred as impulses, nerves to muscles are shouted.

Inevitably the first earworm of the day pops in,

Not long before my voice crackles in to life, singing, it’s a win, win,

Taking me back to the day, forward to the next May,

Daydreaming of good day sunshine and Mr. Moonlight,

Thanking the heavens for my great gift of sight,

The power of flowers to entertain me for hours,

Their movement in the breeze and the ozone smell of showers,

Venturing in the countryside with the kids,

Remembering the winter and sledging on bin lids,

The endless boundaries of blue sky and green grass,

Garden fetes, cream teas and bands of deep brass,

Freedom to move from left and to right,

A cloud, drifting through life with humour so light.

The sea, so rhythmic, reminds me of my place,

In a Universe large, endless time and space,

The sun warming my skin and walking for miles,

The wind leathering my face giving me stretched smiles,

I feel better when riding the middle ground of life,

I feel better when I am feeling bereft of strife.


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I feel better when the sun shines

Turning night time into day

I like it when the bird sings

Makes bad memories go away.

I feel better when the flowers grow

Right before my eyes

I like it when the children play

Chasing colourful butterflies.

I feel better when there’s laughter

Drowning out a painful cry

I like it when the weathers hot

Sun scorching bright blue sky.

I feel better when I have feelings

Than a heart made out of stone

I like when we’re together

I dread feeling all alone.

I feel better when I see you

Or read the letters that you write

I like it when I hear your voice

Only in dreams throughout the night.

I feel better when you miss me

You mirror how I feel

I like it when I hold you

My heart you always steal.

I feel better when I close my eyes

The nightmares I keep at bay

I like it when you kiss me

In your own special kind of way.

I feel better when the sun sets

A day closer to the end

I like it when you’re really there

I no longer have to pretend.


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Mental, I feel like I’m in my body like a rental,

Boiling up in my head like lentil

Having emotions leads to me taking potions,

But this notion is no promotion

My feelings lead me to depression,

But is this suppression a better lesson?

Safety and emotion give me devotion,

And helping others is my motion

My self esteem will keep me clean,

And then maybe I will be able to dream

Mental health is my great wealth,

And my great wealth is my mental health.


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The flowers shimmer in light upon each petal

Brushed with vivid shades of manifest colour.

The music in vocal harmonies like a glance of tomorrow

Borrowed and cherished forever in memory

A gift to call your own.

The way we shake a hand in protective unison

To love or forgive or simply to forget and suggest.

These all have their worth in places, to feel safe,

Engaged and full of hope, in blessing today,

For tomorrow is but a heartbeat away.


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I feel better when I smile

a cuppa, a chat, a friendly handshake

a fist bump or a hug

an app coming back.

I feel better when I use the gym,

lifting more and more

go on”, “you can do it”

pushes me to carry on.

I feel better when I have a visit

a panini, a slice of cake

a hundred hugs over

kisses and tears make me stronger

mums and dads, all kinds of people

laughter and the hope of a better ever after.

I feel better when I’m kind

I feel better when I help others

filling forms

going to the library

singing as I work, playing a game of scrabble.

I feel better when the door closes

I feel better when Emmerdale starts

The freedom of thought

a chance to share stories

to be a shoulder to cry on

I feel better when I am me

I feel better when I breath

to reassure that i am alive

to know this is not forever.


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There was a young man from Welford,

whose head was misunderstood,

he put in an app,

to speak to a chap,

to change his life if they could.

A problem shared is a problem halved,

or so the saying goes,

the service is good,

we would if we could

remove your troubles and woes.

Gone through his pain and all his admissions,

he’s no longer in those downward positions,

took him some time,

great he feels fine,

now in the state of remission.


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Day to day struggles

none can comprehend,

living mental health,

mind goes round the bend.

Talking helps they say

no it can’t be done.

I reveal my demons

I’ve lost I haven’t won.

My burden to bare

those scars from my past,

living mental health

mind will never last.

As time goes further on

I’m filling to the brim,

all the rage inside

I’m turning to the grim.

That’s it, no more

I’m finally at my breaking,

living mental health

mind is most forsaking.

I’ve finally done it

I’ve just broken through,

that hard barrier of talking

to help my mind stay true.

This feeling’s getting better

of hope, love and content,

living mental health

no more a harsh torment.




too heavy to lift

too heavy to shift

silently sulky

it stares at me

that big brown cardboard bulging box

looming overlarge

lurking in the corner

shoved under the table

sucking my energy into its vortex

sides sagging


far too full

for far too long

always present

its shadow self

harnessed to my back

dragging me down


too heavy to lift

too heavy to shift

a toe-stubbing obstacle

archive of forgotten obligations

broken promises

scattered dreams

paper layers describing life’s twists and turns painfully itemising faded hopes


too heavy to lift

too heavy to shift

until now

because today

I cleared it

black bin bag in hand

I rooted it out from under the table


crushed and stuffed its history into oblivion swiftly cutting fast that box now lifted that box now shifted shoulders are looser eyes are brighter I sway and dance around my room as music flows through my life again






cardboard box

heavy weighty

too full for too long

toe-stubbing  obstacle

archive of old promises

and forgotten obligations

my history preserved in paper

layers evidencing my life story


dusty disorganised but demanding

faded words blur wanting attention

sensing a shift resisting change

they argue their importance

but crushing and tearing

I have had enough

bin bag ready

I clear it



Asleep in my dreams

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I feel better when , being grateful and content with what I have

Asleep in my dreams

With laughter asleep in my dreams
To see things as they are and not as I want them to be
A meeting of reason, as if to unearth , to locate, to glimpse a secret self, like the wave fawning, inferior to the sea surf current, to be
Grateful for this opportunity to heal
Although this incurable community a nuisance
The echo of amnesia a voice of a past emperor and begger combined

Looking lovingly upon the gift
Waking these things forever true.

Colouring in

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I feel better when , just being myself and seeing the colour of life more , not just the black and white of the mundane

Colouring in

The winds of scarcity pinch colour from my already desolate world
Becoming restrained in an amemic terrene
Even the tone of these voices a shortcoming , dearth of colour
Here a heart in exile , more bitter than yours
As if to bury my hopes in a grave

A Mothers voice cloaked in empathy , reveals a loving heart
To behold beauty without colour how?
This heart seperated and in pieces though white as snow, muttering “ I will soften, I will soften , I will soften”

Colour all-important as needful as air, water and food
In my hopelessness , feeling worthy would be a revolution
These pills in their bleached innocence default of colour
Eyes like a tent to the senses , monotony arresting an intensity under wraps

My perception breaths life , a new individuality emerges, a continuation of the previous essense
An observant soul makes an appearance as tenderness and zest returns