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I had cultivated a place for myself

By moving away from others

By moving away from the noise

It was my heaven on earth

I was learning

I was beginning to learn

To switch off

To disassociate myself

From people who harmed

From people who are fake friends

From people who do not care

Instead I found my own oasis

A place that is mine

A place that I am willing to share with others

I have stamped my imprint

All over it

To enable me

To find quiet

In a world

Full of noise

I need quiet

To think, to reflect

To grow

I Feel Better When

I feel better when I’m with my dude he gets so excited when I enter the room, so much it’s like he hasn’t seen me for a month or two.

Whether I’m happy or sad he doesn’t question my feelings, he just welcomes me with such love it’s healing.

He doesn’t change his mood like people can do, he shows me all the love I need which helps me through.

He greets me with his big brown eyes whilst wagging his tale for a little while.

He squeaks and wiggles his nose like a pig, as he runs through the field after his ball or a twig.

He loves his walks and sleeps in the night, he spreads his love full which is full of delight.

From morning to night he never judges me, he is so Loyal it overwhelms me.

I feel better just knowing that he is there, to welcome and love me whatever through joy and despair.

He motivates me when I’m feeling low, with his wagging tail…… “Come on mum lets go”!

I feel better when I’m with my bud, Riley my best friend my loyal non-judgmental dog.

The Forgotten Tree

There was once a tree in a big forest, with lots of other trees.

This tree felt low, sad and very lonely.

This tree didn’t grow like other trees or bloom in the Summer or shed leaves in the Autumn.

This tree was very depressed.

Until one day someone took notice of this tree, took the time to spend time with this tree and understood this tree.

Until one day this tree bloomed in the Summer and shed its leaves in the Autumn.

All this tree needed was someone to support this tree.

Many years later this tree that was once a very low, very sad and very lonely tree was now the tallest, healthiest tree of all!

The Dream Witch

What is the point? Can anyone tell me, does anyone know?
Time’s in reverse, just go with the flow.
With the sun and the moon aloft in the sky,
The reaper can’t land, so off he must fly.
When attacking the weak, the strong think they are brave
While the Watcher awaits, on top of a grave.
The time is a’coming, the Cloud Master will rise
“But who will oppose the Dream Witch,” he sighs.

When nightmares turn real, and dreams are forsaken
You knock on the door, hoping to waken.

When the mind is so pushed that the barriers stretch,
The unreal becomes real, then darkness falls.
The mind is so fragile and easily snapped.
So what does it take to pull back from the brink?

As winds blow on over; the lands howl out their song,
Deaf ears are hearing that everything’s wrong.
The stars are ablaze, their fire so intense,
The moon is so cold, your mind makes no sense.
If people could see the damage they do,
The dead would sing, that much is true.

For when you are dead, they’ll see it’s too late.
The edge was too close, but that was your fate.
They pushed too hard, and over you went.
Just one last prayer bursts forth from your lips.
But the Dream Witch is here, with her hands on her hips.

I feel better when

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I feel better when …

The trust of the human spirit Fills me with hope

A natural bond of free flung strength Frees me and makes me float …

I get a natural smile To guide me in the rush. I really hope there’s someone there who ll bring me natural blush …

my thoughts and actions come, unite and blend to give a soothing warming touch and feel to those I see as friends …

I can laugh and giggle With like-minded folk With innocence and Inner sense to further Guide our hope.


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Summer ’16 floating by, whilst looking through my child’s eye, I’m dreaming.

Backwards roads won’t bruise my soul, an angel looks over as she grows, her beauty shows, it’s gleaming.

When these people don’t deserve her time, and waste her life without a sign, of changing – I will show you what it is to rise.

For every time you look my way, I hear your voice to plead escape, It will always hold that secret place, I’ll keep you safe – believe me.

For I do not need to shout and scream my love, to make you feel like I’m the only one, that sees you – silently I will wait my turn, in karma I trust that these lights will guide you home, so brightly.

Don’t rub those little tired eyes, as the dust will fall and path your cries, with blossom of a spring to come, a warmth of summers yet begun.

Hate to love

I hate to love the laughter in your eyes,
Because it makes me feel again.
I hate to love the sound of your voice,
Because it makes me see again.

I hate to love the way your hair hangs in your face,
Because I long to finally express myself.
Most of all I hate to love you because it’s in these moments of love,
I realize I have hidden away and stood still,
whilst the world moves on.

Perhaps it’s time for me to open up and begin my journey,

Creating Rocks

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I feel better when I create.

Using my imagination makes me feel great!

A place with no limits and no constraints.

Playing around in transcendental state.

Excitement quells as these sparks emerge!

This overwhelming electric surge.

Connecting with my higher energy.

Igniting my natural synergy.

Then I see this symbol of love.

Slowly floating down from above.

A sign that plans are coming together.

A pure and silky bright white feather.

My heart whispers quietly and I carefully listen.

As I co-create this spectacular vision.

Trusting my instincts and my intuition.

Accessing the archives of ancient wisdom.

I feel better when I’m being true.

When I go within I see a new view.

Exploring my imagination makes me feel great.

As I always feel better when I just create.

Fireproof Until

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I Am At My Best When, Writing Stories, Songs And Poems, I ignite with inspiration, from a tiny ember my feelings grow

And yet, the asbestos world I inhabit does not always encourage my thoughts, My ideas, Nor my need for love or acceptance,

Once when I was surrounded by those whom I felt loved by, my desires were made to flourish like wildfire,

Now, though I am still inspired, It is harder to burn through other peoples defences and seek acceptance, For what I am, and yet with self determination and encouragement,

No substance is inflammable To the ongoing flames of success

Continue To Inspire

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I Am At My Best When, I Can Express My Literary Creativity With Encouragement From Those Whom Inspire Me

We wanted our genius to last, to continue even if only within us,

For imagination stretches further than despair, and people ignore shouts,

Yet listen to thoughts when they become words,

Sometimes our genius would not speak, It seemed to imitate our inability to communicate with our fellow humans,

So we had to go down routes where rivers of thoughts had dried up,

And were replaced by muddy streams that dulled the future.and sometimes the past,

We remembered how easy our once ideas flowed,

And we yearned to revisit our first path,

For that was what gave us our inspiration,

And made us set out on the path to become what we are,

For we will continue to learn and discover.


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Ordered to make ‘something special’

Ordered to make something different

Research led to thinking

Research inflamed her imagination

The design created itself

Fabric bright in colour, light to carry

She places a silky fabric Under the needle of her sewing machine

To create

To craft

The design on paper

To life

She stops momentarily

Her head is busy with creativity

She is eager to bring to life

The creation of fabric to life

To be worn

To adorn a woman who relishes the finer things in life

Healing with paint

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Prompted by the two words on her initial assessment ‘Likes art’.

I laid out the therapy room With an array of art material

From oil paintings to crayons She entered the room along side me

To explore

She was struggling to communicate

She was having a bad day Where she could not talk

Found it hard to put her thoughts Her emotions into words

Lacked emotional literacy

Until she picked up a paintbrush

Applied it to the canvas To create To craft A world I could see

A world I could now enter With permission

Mend do not break

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Mend do not break Mend take time to heal Mend live life in slow motion Mend, breathe in fresh air Mend, observe life Mend take time to taste your food Mend empty your head Mend live simple Mend let go of past grievances Mend take each day as a challenge Mend smile Mend accept life Mend strive forward


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Read for a purpose Read to decode meaning Read to lead Read to expand your mind Read to enter unknown worlds Read to elicit emotions Read to start your journey with words Read at your own pace Read to show emotion Read to escape from the life Read to reread