Watching and Waiting

Watching her sleeping,
her little chest rising and falling,
eyelids fluttering,
lips softly parted.

Her hands are delicately cupped,
comfortably beneath her chin,
her knees slightly bent.
I’m wondering what she’s dreaming.

Hoping she’s playing with the fairies,
in a meadow full of flowers.
That the sun is shining
and the birds are singing.

She wriggles her toes
as the alarm clock goes.
I feel better when she opens her eyes,
for I’ve missed her as she’s slept.

“Hello Mummy,
I’ve been dreaming about fairies”
she murmurs,
as she stretches, and yawns.


Love Puppets

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Another day another enchantment, as my naive heart seeks it’s nourishment, and I hope for things that are seldom seen.

With you, is there hope of an unfulfilled dream?

Or will confidence shake?

And reality awake to the sight and the sound of a world run aground?

Will loneliness be my only caress – or fate surely thrust the two of us into life with each other?

where we could discover that two against the world can win.

Then this fragile heart can really start giving.

” I feel better.”

Well, I must be feeling better
for I feel better when
I awaken in the morning
and can face the world again

Well, I must be feeling better
for I feel better when-I know
I no longer have to dwell
In that dark place that I go

Well, I am feeling better
for I felt better when
I’d bathed and dressed and met the day
and became myself again

Well, I do feel better
better than I ever felt before
my demons are just memories
I will visit them no more.

Beyond The Pane

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The view has become full of promise

As nesting birds in pairs

Signify a change of luck

And flowers, as if in a relay race

Pass the batten from one species to another;

Krokus’ and Snowdrops to Daffodils

Daffodils to Bluebells and Tulips

Earthworms and roots below are furiously burrowing

Whilst the surface appears a place of serene beauty

As with Swans and Ducks upon a lake

But this germination is not unlike imagination

Where seeds, like ideas grow

Challenging the ‘Old Season’ – which has had its day

Just as the blossom on the trees give way to fruit

And berries of the black, the green and red

Which become a store of energy In the struggle for longer days

As we strive to keep darkness at bay

There will be time enough for darkness In the winter of our lives

Garden Haiku

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GARDEN HAIKU SERIES – TU BISHEVAT: ecological awareness and spring tree planting dedication festival

Children sleep and play.
Bird song, wood smoke, candle light
Mingle. Sirens scream.

Solstice. Summer and
Midwinter gardens. Singing.
Sacred senses wake.

Flames lick detritus.
Spirits howl. Walk the fire path
Chanting regrets.

Garden ghost dreamers.
Distance recycles the past.
Smoke curls in the wind.

Fiery moods caress
Labyrinthine memories.
Leaves flare in the fire.

Smoke curls in the wind.
Leaves flare in the fire. Dreaming.
Sacred senses wake.

I feel better when I’m with you

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The birds sang as the wind blew gently in the warm summer breeze,

shadowed in abundance of greenery, towered by whispering trees.

We walked together through the wild meadow, filled with blades of green,

I say you’re a true beauty of mother nature, the sweetest thing I’d ever seen.

I kissed your lips, then you placed your head on my shoulder,

I say Wherever life takes us, I’ll be there for you, even when the world gets older.

We make a pact between the deep blue sky and the beautiful terrain,

I say You are my world, you make my heart race, so crazy, so crazy insane.

That’s why I feel better when I am with you,

That’s why I feel better when I am with you.

The sun began to set into a golden glow,

I say girl, you’ve captured my heart, captured my soul.

We know this space is our special place,

I tell You baby, you have such a beautiful face.

We embrace the scenery, it brings real peace and joy,

I say you are my girl and I am your boy.

We make a pact between the deep blue sky and the beautiful terrain,

I say You are my world, you make my heart race, so crazy, so crazy insane.

That’s why I feel better when I am with you,

That’s why I feel better when I am with you.

Your eyes are as deep as the bluest ocean, With a smile that’s brighter than the sun,

Our time together, has only just begun.

We make a pact between the deep blue sky and the beautiful terrain,

I say You are my world, you make my heart race, so crazy, so crazy insane.

That’s why I feel better when I am with you,

That’s why I feel better when I am with you.

Our footsteps reach the sand,

Still Together hand in hand.

That’s why I feel better with you,

That’s why I feel better with you.


Take the ‘m’ off mother
let it fall to the ground
shriveled shrunken
two hillocks
guard the fortress of other
yours and mine

replace the ‘m’ in mother with a ‘b’
Too much trouble?
wipe it off your palms
pale and powdered
like chalk dropped in the nursery
Where other belongs

For My Sister

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When the dark curtains that envelop our household are strung back by your cheeks.

Your smile the only illumination of my day.

Imperfect teeth cutting through jagged words and flailing fists.

The laugh, by no means angelic, not the laugh penned by romance authors,

a laugh of raw, unfiltered happiness, alone in a void of misery.

A reminder of hope in a seemingly hopeless world.

A smile of childish naivety, striking through the reaching fingers of approaching adulthood.

No longer wholly innocent.

A smile that contradicts many of the daily emotions you fight.

Yet is the singular thing that carries you through.

Reminding you of moments worth living for.

Reminding me that you, our memories together, good and bad.

The smiles and laughs that we shared through childhood, will always be worth holding out for.

A Pug in a Hat

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When I’m down or feeling flat,

I think about a pug in a hat.

When I’m tired and full of sighs,

I think of hedgehogs with goggly eyes.

When I toss and turn ‘cause I can’t sleep,

I think of pink fields with purple sheep.

When I’m fed up of all the knocks,

I think of lizards in fluffy socks.

When I can’t get up ‘cause I’m too low,

I think of penguins playing tick tack toe.

When I wish I’d never been born,

I think of squirrels chewing ears of corn.

When I feel I just can’t do a thing,

I think of frogs decked out with bling.

When I sit hoping this feeling passes,

I think of parrots wearing reading glasses.

When I start to think I’ve lost the plot,

I think of a bulldog asleep in a cot.

When I’m mad or feeling sour,

I think of hippos dancing on a flower.

All these things can make me grin,

Like a cow playing chess on a wheelie bin.

So next time you’re down or feeling flat,

Remember to think of a pug in a hat.

My Music Therapy

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I feel better when I am….. ….sat at the piano at the end of a day

When people have poured out their distress.

We share this pain through words and music.

It drenches me, leaving me soaked and weighed down.

I let these feelings flow through my fingers,

Bypassing the conscious mind.

Chords and melodies arise from the deep,

Finding form for the unformed,

Expression for the inexpressible.

Notes come like a torrent,

Building up in power and intensity,

Breaking through the dam of my defences,

Cleansing me, refreshing me,

Ready for another day.

This is my medicine,

My way to survive the merging of minds.

I am not just the therapist, I too need this process,

Coming together in a healing river,

Then diverging,

Finding our own calmer waters.

My Favourite Things

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Rain, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Wispas I’ve bitten.

Perspectives I got from not living in Britain.

Dave Gilmour solos and Beatles CDs.

These are some things that can help me be me.

That slip of a girl that sings blues deep inside her.

Tim Burton movies with Winona Ryder.

Sonnets, acrostics, pantoums, villanelles:

Just some more things that aren’t totally hell.

When there’s letters

From the bailiff

And the D Dubya P

I simply persist

With the things on my list

And things continue to be.

Greggs apple danish, with less fruit than icing.

Ideas that tempt me like apples, enticing.

Snakes in the garden that tell me what’s what.

There’s a few more I have never forgot.

Trying new things and the joys I discover.

Bob Dylan songs that are easy to cover.

Words that fall nimbly to pre-ordered slots.

It seems that I’m happy with rather a lot.

When I’m hunting

For the happy

And it’s all gone wrong,

These things can remind me I already found it.

I had it all along.

In Praise of Solitude

Not lonely

but alone
in my own space
I find my place
in this world

psyche recycles
at my own pace
brings me peace
in the here and now

no high or low
mood swings
time to make
my own

mind up
about things
play guitar
or sing

No one knocking
upon the door
wanting more
than I can give

no need to try
to figure out
just what the hell
they’re all about

No projections
no fierce tempers
no need to be upfront
or behind fences

Stillness, quiet
no riot in my head
no not emerging
from my bed

no weight of lead
or yakketty voices
no pressure
to make the best

consumer choices
or buy the latest
technological marvel
I find my marbles

when I’m
not lonely

but alone

I Feel Better at the Seaside – Fairborne Beach 1967

I feel I am the only one in my family to be so excited to be going to the beach,
Swimming costume on ready to save time,
At last travelling down the single farm track lane,
Gates to open on the way slowing the journey,
Sitting high up as I can to be the first to see the sea,
Starting to smell the salty air,
Parking the car in our usual spot,
I run down onto the clean golden sand undressing on the way,
Cannot wait for the cold crashing waves to engulf me,
Mum and dad watching me from afar,
From the comfort of their striped deckchairs,
My brother stays in the car,
Swimming takes my breath away,
But I continue to hum my favorite tune,
Mum and dad wave back at me whenever I look back,
My brother still cannot be pursuaded to come out of the car,
How I wish my dad was in the water with me,
To hold me up over the strong swirling waves
My brother still staying in the car,
Out of the sea for a picnic using hands all white and wrinkley
The sandwiches seem to taste so much better with sand,
My brother takes a few sandwiches and retreats back into the car,
In his own metal shell.

The Hug

Knowing the despair, the darkness, the loneliness
That seeps through my mind and darkens my thoughts
Will not last forever
Those clouds will make way for sunshine and song
Those shadows will fade and the light will return
And knowing I can put my arms round a friend
And promise them too from the bottom of my heart
That each day can be different and their light will return
That’s what makes me feel better