These New Feelings Within by Katy Young

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With good mental health I have peace, not strife.

I’m happy for once in my life!

My mind’s a safe haven that’s void of pain

And still I have lots more to gain!


Some years ago I was fearful inside

Regardless of how hard I tried

And so I sought help and then I gained ground.

Just look at the peace I have found!


Many good changes, where should I begin?

I have these new feelings within!

Rarely do I stress, I can relax now.

I’m happy, serene and here’s how:


I spoke to the doctor telling her all.

She listened; It didn’t appall.

I got further help but waited a while 

And afterwards I can now smile!


I’m much stronger now but not perfect yet!

But this doesn’t cause me to fret

Because who is perfect? I’m know I’m not!

Instead I’m content with my lot.


Skills I have learned make me braver each day

And though there’ll be toil on the way

I’m ready for battles! Ready for war!

Bring it on! I’ll settle the score!


I try helping others to help me too.

Together, we’ll all make it through

And as a result, I now have a goal

To help others make themselves whole.


So if you need help your first step should be

To visit your doctor or see

What other support can help you nearby

Until you can lift your head high!


No matter how awful you feel inside

Or how much support you have tried

You’re not beyond help, no one is, it’s true

All darkness can be broken through.


I broke through darkness and now I convey

Ways to fight your illness away.

I only do this through good mental health

So join me with great mental wealth!

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