The defeat of the dementor by Shikainah Champion-Samuel

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 With good mental health I have….


‘To admit defeat,’ says the demon of depression,


‘I lived inside your body for so long,


You’d even forgotten that there was a real YOU underneath it all,


As long as you believed the lie I told, you thought YOU were a failure,


You were convinced YOU would never be good enough,


You felt YOU could never get out of the deep pit you were in’


And, you kept feeding me with more and more YOURSELF


Even your small setbacks seemed to be replayed inside your head a million times,


Till they felt like the biggest catastrophes,


You lost confidence in YOURSELF,


I made you believe that – that’s my job


The demon who feeds on human happiness.


You were wearing my glasses…


The kind that only let you see the rain and not the rainbow through it….



And, then, one day YOU made a choice to change


YOU started to attend therapy sessions,


Started to look for a place to anchor


Your faith, your long imprisoned talents,


I knew then that I was fighting a losing battle….


To my ‘You are not good enough’


YOU soon learnt the truth


YOU are good enough-


Good enough to be called


A caring friend, a helpful neighbour


A good human being….



The day you turned around and told me


There would be the rain…


But the important thing was to focus on the rainbow,


You had discovered the truth-


YOU had been put on earth for a purpose


YOU looked upward to renew your faith


YOU looked sideward to connect with old friends


YOU looked outward for a new hobby, a new job


YOU looked downward to encourage someone still in the depths of despair


YOU looked inward to find the real YOU.


I knew then you were on your road to recovery-


to having good mental health…


And, I knew that I couldn’t feed off you anymore…













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