Thank You by Pat Dring

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Thank You


How do you thank someone for giving you twenty-five years of extra life

Yes twenty-five years extra, Of being a Mother, Nanny and Wife.

How do you thank someone for being there for you

When you were so ill, you didn’t know what to do.

You thank them by, now being the person you want to be

And showing the world on live TV.

You thank them by doing all the things you never got the chance to do before.

When you couldn’t even venture out the door.

You thank them by living your life in the fast lane again

Now you are free of the nightmare, free of the pain.

You thank them by shopping at a packed Sheffield Meadow hall

A couple of weeks before Christmas, you are having a ball

You thank them by going to see your favourite singer Cliff

You sit there with 12,000 people just to do this.

You thank them by running a helpline for others

Meeting fantastic people along the way

You thank them by living your life day by day

You thank them by just being you,

You thank them in everything that you do.

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