Small things by Katie Wilson

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The light permeates my shell;
Dazzled by its luminescence,
I levitate towards the rays,
Is this this the start of happier days?
That lightness continues,
I’m now breaking through;
Alternatives to that closed point of view,
Reacquainted with appreciation; a world anew.
Small things touch me deep within,
A reawakening, rousing connectedness to kin.
Rustling feathers of birds in flight,
Twinkling stars in the cloudless night.
House filling aroma of a baking cake,
Reflected hills in the shimmering lake.
Whispering wind caressing my face,
Softest fur in my feline embrace.
Delight of indulgence with strawberries and cream,
Tranquil trickle of water in a nearby stream.
Taste sensation of a complex curry,
Scent of leaves in an autumn flurry.
A world of wonder, fulfilled and free,
My senses no longer alien to me.
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