Reflections by Nikki Veitch

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The scene: a serene lake

Shining with energy bursting,

Bright and beautiful and believing.

And on the lake I lay,

Allowing the glow of nature,

To crown me majesty.

I float freely with the calm,

Floating weightlessly; floating aimlessly,

No worries, no shackles holding me.

I am free to fly, I am free to cry

In awe and amazement

At the warmth of the world,

That surrounds me, loves me,

And allows the freedom to surge,

Allows me to just be:

No title, no expectations daunting.

I am nature’s child. I am me.

And when the sun hides

And the moon haunts,

The water hushes and shushes,

Humming me to peaceful sleep.


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