My Space by Jo Childs

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With Good Mental Health I have MY SPACE:

My Space

One day I stopped

And stared into space

It was then that I saw, for the first time –

My face.


My face as it was, not as it were

The face that had been, always, before


The face that was really, the part of myself

That I had neglected,

Dust, on the shelf.


That space, all at once, something bigger than me

A river of silence, became…

Boundless sea.


I have nowhere to go in this space, that is mine

It is simply just there. No homage to time.


No pushing, no shoving, no splashing in vain

A space that invites me, again and again…


To stop

Stand still

Be silent

And free.


Where there’s nothing to do, just someone –

To be.


Jojo Childs





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