My Right Hand Man by Keith Greenhill

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Back in the days gone by when I was shy,

I beheld you in the distance,

Close up even more beautiful,

But I daren’t even say hello.


Acollades now without a show,

Just gets on and helps me,

Always on time, just a dime,

She’s my pretty penny.


She doesn’t even hear a word,

But does exactly as I say,

Prompt and reads my heart and mind,

And the result is always kind.


Totally and utterly reliable,

My constant companion to be,

Strong in love, and feared by all,

A slip of a thing and so pretty.


Dilligence is on your side,

Won’t leave a stone unturned,

Thoroughly sorted, done and dusted,

Restored and my best friend.

You’re the first always,

Without you I’d be gone

So I sing this song of true love to you,

My closest and so strong.

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