Life’s Vibrations by Ella Zellaby

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Queen bees quiver, skylarks sing,

Slowworms slither, cowbells ring,

Babies gurgle, children laugh

At the first made bleat of a precious calf.

With good mental health I hear

Spring’s vibrations in my ear.


Greenfly graze and locusts leap,

Lizards laze, spiders creep,

Bunnies lollop, farmhands banter,

March hares hop and ponies canter

In wildflower fields where monkey orchids grow,

The faithful wind their seeds did sow.

With good mental health I see

Boundless blessings life has given me.


The breeze blows, sun radiates,

Upon the lake a water boatman skates.

A hungry otter licks his lips

As a fantail darter flips,

A heron scales overhead,

Trepidly the terrapins tread.

With good mental health I have found

Life breaking through the ground.


Snow melts and freezes thaw,

Raw wounds heal and hurt no more.

Dark clouds eventually give way to sun,

Through new eyes downpours can be fun.

With good mental health I know

Through the tough times I will grow.


Over mountains and valleys I climb,

Discovering beauty so sublime,

Running fast and breaking free

From incessant worries that were haunting me.

Feeling that fortuitous state of flow,

Moving forward, on I go.

With good mental health I find

A healthy body and sound mind.


A squall erupts and thunder rumbles by,

Lightening illuminates the sky.

The heavens open, puddles form,

Peacocks parade a rain dance on the lawn.

Water worms wiggle in the streams,

Out of frogspawn new life teams.

Sanderlings saunter, crows caw,

On the thermals seagulls soar.

With good mental health I lift my eyes

Marvelling at majestic ever changing skies.

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