Divine by Sian Taylor

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Being with good mental health, for me, is really very hard to explain
Without people understanding what bad mental health is like.
It’s not just about being happy, there’s more to it than that.


Good mental health is the absence of all those destructive thoughts
That make you think your every move is being watched;
That make you avoid going out in the fear that you will be judged.
It’s having the courage to drag yourself out of bed in the morning
To go get that bottle of milk that you have needed for 3 days,
But couldn’t.


It’s being able to talk to your family without getting angry,
Simply because they asked you if you were going out to see friends later.
Having good mental health is realising what and, most importantly, who
Is good for you, and having the sense to stay away from what’s bad.
It’s taking back the control you had misplaced and taking responsibility
For yourself.


Once it is within your grasp, you regain your clarity of mind
And you can finally start to work out what it is that YOU want to do.
You can work out what YOU truly believe and you can stand for it.
It’s accepting that you’re different and using that to your advantage;
That you ARE interesting and that you DO have something
Important to say.


Going from bad mental health to good mental health is rising like a phoenix – wait, no.
It’s like Athena rising, fully grown, with a new divine wisdom;
Armed and ready to fight anything that may stand in your way.

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