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The tree locked in by

Thick encrusted cylindriform bark

Shutting it out from sky, sun shine, moon light.

Rough winds shudder thud and slam against its

Massive woody hulk.

Within tight cytoplasmic cells, membranes surround

Living organisms.

Tissues and DNA

Cramped and clustered with bacterial entities

Huddle and battle for survival.

A smell of urine and bodily materials at its base

Where casual drunks, the homeless and love-struck passers by

Have carelessly left their forensic identities

Slopped out in the ancient cracks and crevices of its skeletal root system

Protruding from the ground in grotesque architectural gestures

Distorted and constrained.

Adults and children play in the dark inner cavity

Spying at the outside world through gaps in

Nature’s perpetual

Entertainment model.

Sunday walkers, youthful gangs and family groups

Shuffle round at certain times and on specific days staring, mumbling,

Blowing smoke from secret cigarettes and joints, hiding,

Contemplate and argue on

the justice and

Injustice of their human state, how they got here and what will happen

When they are finally released.

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