The Dream Witch

What is the point? Can anyone tell me, does anyone know?
Time’s in reverse, just go with the flow.
With the sun and the moon aloft in the sky,
The reaper can’t land, so off he must fly.
When attacking the weak, the strong think they are brave
While the Watcher awaits, on top of a grave.
The time is a’coming, the Cloud Master will rise
“But who will oppose the Dream Witch,” he sighs.

When nightmares turn real, and dreams are forsaken
You knock on the door, hoping to waken.

When the mind is so pushed that the barriers stretch,
The unreal becomes real, then darkness falls.
The mind is so fragile and easily snapped.
So what does it take to pull back from the brink?

As winds blow on over; the lands howl out their song,
Deaf ears are hearing that everything’s wrong.
The stars are ablaze, their fire so intense,
The moon is so cold, your mind makes no sense.
If people could see the damage they do,
The dead would sing, that much is true.

For when you are dead, they’ll see it’s too late.
The edge was too close, but that was your fate.
They pushed too hard, and over you went.
Just one last prayer bursts forth from your lips.
But the Dream Witch is here, with her hands on her hips.

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