Precious Rose

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You looked stunning as you danced to the music without a care,


In skinny jeans, a Rolling Stones T shirt, and a pretty rose. in your long blonde hair,


Your loveliness struck me like lightening,


Your chemistry was hypnotising,


I watched you laughing as you danced,


I couldn’t take my eyes off you, I was so entranced.


Captivated by every step you made,


I moved closer and closer as the music played.


We danced and you let me hold your body tight,


Nothing else mattered, I knew it was love at first sight.


I took the rose from your hair, Put it between my teeth,


Tickled your nose with its soft white petals and its tiny green leaves.


Your eyes gazed into mine


Wow You looked God damn fine.


The music slowed our bodies began to sway,


I looked above and said Thank You Lord, then I began to pray.


You put your number in my phone,


You Said call me, when you get home.


You read my silly love texts, I kept sending,


The rest is history, like a fairy-tale ending.


We got the keys to our new place, even took out a loan,


I Carried you over the thresh hold, worked our butts off, to keep a good home.


I tell you every day, you mean more than anything on this earth and more,


its only you girl that I’d die for, it’s you I adore.


I’ll say I’ll love you even if your eyes start to wrinkle and your hair turns silvery grey,


I’ll love you the best way I can and I’ll try to Keep it that way.


I’ll rub your legs if they begin to ache with pain


I’ll do anything for you, even dance naked in the rain.


And I’d give anything to be with you forever,


Because it’s about the love you give when we’re together.


And One day I’ll pray I’ll marry you and if you finally say I do,


I’ll give you my life forever more because I’m truly in love with you.


If we’re lucky to hear the patter of tiny feet


I’ll make sure I’ll work hard to make ends meet.


I’ll tell you every day, I’ll love you until the world stops turning.


I’ll treat you with respect and I’ll never stop learning,


How to love you.


My Precious Rose.

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