My Music Therapy

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I feel better when I am….. ….sat at the piano at the end of a day

When people have poured out their distress.

We share this pain through words and music.

It drenches me, leaving me soaked and weighed down.

I let these feelings flow through my fingers,

Bypassing the conscious mind.

Chords and melodies arise from the deep,

Finding form for the unformed,

Expression for the inexpressible.

Notes come like a torrent,

Building up in power and intensity,

Breaking through the dam of my defences,

Cleansing me, refreshing me,

Ready for another day.

This is my medicine,

My way to survive the merging of minds.

I am not just the therapist, I too need this process,

Coming together in a healing river,

Then diverging,

Finding our own calmer waters.

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