Life Train

Life Train

If you have become mentally ill, then yes you are unlucky. I and many more who know you will be feeling very sad too. We will be there for you, and rooting for you. Also, if you have found yourself to be delivered to a psychiatric ward then that is very sad too. Trust me people you know will be thinking of you and will come and visit you as regularly as they can. As angry as you are feeling, you are there because your family and doctor

and maybe the police want you to get back on track.

I would like to tell you about that track.

You are on a train, you are on a very long journey, this journey is your life. You have reached the first station. You are feeling very tired and not very well. Some people on the platform have noticed you through your window, they realise you need some help. So the station happens to be the psychiatric ward you are dwelling in. Whilst you are there you will meet the stationmaster (your psychiatrist). When you meet that person, you may well say – “Excuse me why have you taken me from that train? I am in a serious rush and I must get to my final destination now.”

The station master will hopefully say – “Hello passenger, some of my friends saw you on that train. These people are my messengers and they called me and told me what they had seen. Because I care and have cared for many passengers on many life trains of life. Because I care and have cared and have cared for many passengers and put many passengers on the next available life train, I would like you to put your trust in me, I will do my best to refresh you, fill you back up. I hope to fill you with a new zest for your journey, and when you are full and your zest is there and I am totally sure you are ready to get back on the next available train, I will smile at you, you’ll hopefully smile back at me with that new found zest in your eyes, I will give you my firmest handshake. Then I will give you your ticket back. Then my messengers will take you back to the platform, and wait with you for your train. Hopefully it will arrive on time, when it does you may feel a little nervous and unsure, so please try to remember the things I have said to you whilst you were in my waiting room, and step on that train with assurance, confidence, knowledge, positivity, peace and love.

This luggage will help you on your new life train. That train will reach many stops along its tracks. There will be a station at every stop. If you ever need a bit of refreshment or a rest at any stop, don’t be afraid to step off your train, and take a walk with the messengers to talk with the master.

If this ever happens there will always be another train, so once all our work is done you will be back on track. And I know you are in a rush, but remember a rushed job never gets done right.”

My name is James. The reason I know is that I am on the train in front of you, and I have become tired many times. Every time this has happened I have stepped off the train and gone for a talk with the master.

When I have been ready I always get my ticket back, and jumped on to the next train.

Our journey is long, as long as we look out of our windows we see many things and learn many things also. And as long as we keep ourselves safe and visit the master at any station, our journey will continue through life, trust me even people who aren’t mentally ill will need a break along their way, and I just hope they will never have to meet our station masters.

Get well soon and enjoy your ride!

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