In Praise of Solitude

Not lonely

but alone
in my own space
I find my place
in this world

psyche recycles
at my own pace
brings me peace
in the here and now

no high or low
mood swings
time to make
my own

mind up
about things
play guitar
or sing

No one knocking
upon the door
wanting more
than I can give

no need to try
to figure out
just what the hell
they’re all about

No projections
no fierce tempers
no need to be upfront
or behind fences

Stillness, quiet
no riot in my head
no not emerging
from my bed

no weight of lead
or yakketty voices
no pressure
to make the best

consumer choices
or buy the latest
technological marvel
I find my marbles

when I’m
not lonely

but alone

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