I feel better when I am…

When it is calm like water,
When all you can hear are the waves from the ocean,
Above the birds are chirping,
And the wind blowing across making the leaves on the tree rattle.

I feel better when I am free like a bird,
High above all, and there is no scared to fall,
I feel better when I am at home,
Surrounded by family, whom I love of all.

Challenges I have to face, making sure that I win the race,
Many are in the same boat, but there is only one from all to choose,
Selected are those who have passion, and show determination,
Proud, I was to be selected from those.

I feel better when I am myself, and not pretending,
I feel better when I am accepted for who I am,
I feel better when life brings new challenges and opportunities,
And I feel better when I am someone who is known.

Life is like seasons, which change over time,
With each passing day, I feel myself grow,
Opportunity came my way, and I would be a fool to turn it away,
Today where I stand I call my second home,
This is the place which will give me my identity, and a future to secure,
I feel better when I am at work, and LPT is where I belong.

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