I Feel Better When

I feel better when I’m with my dude he gets so excited when I enter the room, so much it’s like he hasn’t seen me for a month or two.

Whether I’m happy or sad he doesn’t question my feelings, he just welcomes me with such love it’s healing.

He doesn’t change his mood like people can do, he shows me all the love I need which helps me through.

He greets me with his big brown eyes whilst wagging his tale for a little while.

He squeaks and wiggles his nose like a pig, as he runs through the field after his ball or a twig.

He loves his walks and sleeps in the night, he spreads his love full which is full of delight.

From morning to night he never judges me, he is so Loyal it overwhelms me.

I feel better just knowing that he is there, to welcome and love me whatever through joy and despair.

He motivates me when I’m feeling low, with his wagging tail…… “Come on mum lets go”!

I feel better when I’m with my bud, Riley my best friend my loyal non-judgmental dog.

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