I Feel Better at the Seaside – Fairborne Beach 1967

I feel I am the only one in my family to be so excited to be going to the beach,
Swimming costume on ready to save time,
At last travelling down the single farm track lane,
Gates to open on the way slowing the journey,
Sitting high up as I can to be the first to see the sea,
Starting to smell the salty air,
Parking the car in our usual spot,
I run down onto the clean golden sand undressing on the way,
Cannot wait for the cold crashing waves to engulf me,
Mum and dad watching me from afar,
From the comfort of their striped deckchairs,
My brother stays in the car,
Swimming takes my breath away,
But I continue to hum my favorite tune,
Mum and dad wave back at me whenever I look back,
My brother still cannot be pursuaded to come out of the car,
How I wish my dad was in the water with me,
To hold me up over the strong swirling waves
My brother still staying in the car,
Out of the sea for a picnic using hands all white and wrinkley
The sandwiches seem to taste so much better with sand,
My brother takes a few sandwiches and retreats back into the car,
In his own metal shell.

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