First time I went to Canada

First time I went to Canada, 1981. First city I visited, Toronto by Coach from New York. Fell in love. Saw travel holiday television show about Canada, wanted to find out more. Got DVDs and tapes, also books, read newspapers. I will be 70 in 2018, it will be a special trip. Good time of year in June with long days of light, getting flight and travel details. Few years ago, went on train from Prince George to Prince Rupert, British Colombia. Saw vast area forest and countryside with very small town and villages, saw from top of dome car with cup of coffee. When go in 2018, travel from Toronto to Vancouver from plains and rockies. Visiting Jasper and Baniff Lake Louise, also getting ferries from Vancouver to Victoria. There are wonderful gardens and wildlife, nice to dream about it. You can have a wonderful rail trip in Scotland, cost much less money. Hope my health is keeping good to go to Canada. Do not forget your updated passport.

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