Deep in thought

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As I stand here in awe at the beauty I see

I feel and listen to all that surrounds me

The rolling waves, the pull of the sea the wet sand in my toes fills me with glee

The distant clouds, the rocks far away the wind in my hair on a summers day

I stand here and wander deep in thought

I feel the happiness in my heart I want to run, kick and splash along with the waves that rollingly crash

The bubbles the white foam I race among the birds up above singing their song but I stand still deep in thought feeling the sun on my skin making me hot

I’m happy, I’m free to love all that I see for I am here, and here’s where I’m meant to be deep in thought in this moment of time grateful for the simple things, the hot sunshine, the wind in my hair, the vision I see Is nature’s untouched beauty

I look at the clouds fluffy and light

I curl up my toes in the sand real tight

The swishing and swirling in between my toes the salty spray goes up my nose I stand I wonder how many fish the birds have caught?

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