Beyond The Pane

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The view has become full of promise

As nesting birds in pairs

Signify a change of luck

And flowers, as if in a relay race

Pass the batten from one species to another;

Krokus’ and Snowdrops to Daffodils

Daffodils to Bluebells and Tulips

Earthworms and roots below are furiously burrowing

Whilst the surface appears a place of serene beauty

As with Swans and Ducks upon a lake

But this germination is not unlike imagination

Where seeds, like ideas grow

Challenging the ‘Old Season’ – which has had its day

Just as the blossom on the trees give way to fruit

And berries of the black, the green and red

Which become a store of energy In the struggle for longer days

As we strive to keep darkness at bay

There will be time enough for darkness In the winter of our lives

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