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Summer ’16 floating by, whilst looking through my child’s eye, I’m dreaming.

Backwards roads won’t bruise my soul, an angel looks over as she grows, her beauty shows, it’s gleaming.

When these people don’t deserve her time, and waste her life without a sign, of changing – I will show you what it is to rise.

For every time you look my way, I hear your voice to plead escape, It will always hold that secret place, I’ll keep you safe – believe me.

For I do not need to shout and scream my love, to make you feel like I’m the only one, that sees you – silently I will wait my turn, in karma I trust that these lights will guide you home, so brightly.

Don’t rub those little tired eyes, as the dust will fall and path your cries, with blossom of a spring to come, a warmth of summers yet begun.

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