When I am me.

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When the wind catches me,

like a billowing sail-boat,

All of my cells, pack in close,

Skin pricks with bitter cold zest,

As a gust sees the sun’s close to the west.


In cold comfort I know,

with each bellow and blow,

the molecules of air are there.

Carrying me through life, through time,

I am supported by your eyes in mine.


As the whistle of the wind sharpens my wit,

the molecules; past and present life, overlap and fit,

they show me the wide open skies,

of possibility and unyielding hope when one tries.

An infinity of cycles is the tear-joyed cry,

when life seemed closed and I could but sigh.

A vibrancy of life, every era and now I,

We are one. I am me. I am I.

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